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Swift 12k and Ohlins 10k springs


Name: James
Price: $140/$110 OBO
Location: San Diego, CA
Contact: PM for email or phone number

Changing my rates when I pull the suspension off on 9/2 so I won't need these anymore. Will be able to ship the springs out on 9/5. The Ohlins/Eibach spring is the original front spring that came with my shocks and I purchased the 12k spring from Urge designs in February of this year and they were installed on the car at the end of March. About 5,000 miles on springs and two track days.

Popular setup, I just don't track the car as much as I planned to and my commute has some awful roads. Getting old or whatever :lol:

Picture of springs before swap. I will crawl under the car this weekend and take some more.

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how much for a set of springs?
cut my rears and will need to do the front... yours would be a much better option.
what can be done to the panrod? I assume the rear end will shift a 1/4 inch over?

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