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HKS Hipermax IV SP vs Stock Ohlins DFV For Track Use


Anybody have experience with both of these coilovers? Which set of suspension would be turn faster lap times out of the box? Are the stock Ohlins 10k/8k spring rates too soft for track use? And how compliant are the HKS dampers on the street with 16k/16k rates. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm debating which set to get but not really looking to get custom revalved Ohlins suspension with stiffer springs. Thanks!
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Can't really go wrong with either. Personally I don't like the stock rates on the Ohlins, I would recommend the 11k/11k setup that Sakebomb offers instead.

The HKS are pretty nice too with lots of S2000s in CA using them on track. The 16k/16k rates might be a little too stiff depending on track and tire choice.
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