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Back Yard Special (BYS) OEM Seat Lowering Rails Impression


Figured I would do a review on one of the few parts I have installed on my car, and hopefully convince anyone who is moderately tall to swipe their Visa for these rails.

Being 6'3" and looking like Dino Flinstone every time I drove my car, I looked into options for a lower seat. My car is parked somewhere that is by no means secure, so I didn't want to go for an aftermarket seat that would draw the attention of anyone with a razor blade. After browsing around forums, the BYS rails seemed to be my best option. I was a little wary about only have the seat 20mm lower than stock, even though there were a handful of positive reviews floating around.

Initial impression was great, good finish, rails were greased, one unit rather than the two piece OEM rails.
Fold your top down for seat removal and installation, don't try and work the seat out, you'll probably leave a nice gash in a panel somewhere.
I wasn't aware that the BYS rails actually lower only the bottom part of the seat, not the back rest.
The bottom of the seat contacts the floor of the car, you can't get an OEM seat any lower without doing a foamectomy like Miata folks do. It took a bit of leg force to shove the seat to the rearmost seating position, but it can be done.

Sitting in the car after, I almost cried. The steering wheel is just about even with my solar plexus, it's such an amazing improvement. That 20mm made a world of difference, I can't recommend it enough for the vertically gifted.

If I ever needed another S2000, this would be the first part I bought for it.

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