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How to become a Featured Vendor or Manufacturer.


If you are interested in becoming a featured vendor or manufacturer, and having a listing on the sidebar, please send me a PM.

Right now I have just listed vendors I have used in the past and would gladly recommend to others. There are many S2000 specific vendors out there that I would love to list so please let me know! I do not have any plans to support the replica and knock-off parts market. So if that is your business, please don't bother asking. Of course there are some vendors and manufacturers that make similar parts to one another, so that is fine, but if you have reverse engineered another manufacturers part and are trying to sell it for cheap, your posts will be removed.

At the moment any vendor is allowed to post in the Marketplace for free and I plan to keep it this way for the time being. In the future I may ask vendors to pay a small yearly fee to be listed on the sidebar to help pay for the hosting costs of this site.
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