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How much camber



How much camber do you guys run/prefer?

I currently run 2.15 deg front and 2.30 deg rear camber with 215/245 tires, Öhlins 10k/10k and front and rear RCAs and still experience some turn in understeer.

I am thinking about increasing the front camber to resolve this.
What's your opinion ?
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Will be tire dependent and the best way to determine this is with tire temp readings, but I wouldn't be afraid to dial up more front camber with 215/245.

I run -3 F, -3 R on 255/255 setup. I would try upping the front in -.5 degrees increments and see what works best. I wouldn't be afraid to try -3 F, -2.5 R on 215/245 setup though.
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