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JagoBlitz wrote:
andrewhake wrote:
JagoBlitz wrote:Hi,

congrats on this nice forum. I like it.

I am currently running Ohlins with the 10k/8k setup.
How much would the handling and balance change if I switched to 10k/10k?

Thanks! In my opinion it would change only for the better and make the car much closer to neutral. The 8k rear springs just aren't stiff enough with the travel in the rear of the S2000 being quite small.
You were right. As expected, 10/10 gives way more neutral handling.
At least for the AP2 10/10 is the way to go IMHO.
Glad to hear it worked well for you!
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andrewhake wrote: The thing to keep in mind about adjusting the preload is that you can't add compression travel without sacrificing rebound travel and vice/versa. More compression travel can be nice, so the damper can compress effectively, but if there isn't much rebound travel the rear end can still react in a way that is difficult to deal with after the compression stroke is done.
What's your preferred ratio of compression and rebound travel? 50/50?

How much preload would you run with 10k springs?

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