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S NI SEN Lap Time Database


Nov 5th, 2016, 9:12 am

I plan on building a more dedicated database but I decided to take this on using Google Docs spreadsheets to keep track of lap times and a form for new submissions.

I took some time to put together a spreadsheet that includes some of the more popular tracks as listed in the lap times thread. There are MANY tracks missing as I don't have the time to filter through all of the posts there, andI believe many drivers have faster times than have been posted in that thread. This will make it very easy to gather information and get context for your own lap times and car setup. This spreadsheet will include any track submitted and any car configuration using some basic class guidelines to make it easy to determine what sort of modifications may have been made to the car.

I have decided to make separate spreadsheets for particular regions and have started with the United States and Japan as they are very popular areas for S2000s. I would love to have lap times from all around the world, and plan on gathering more data myself to add to the database.

S NI SEN Lap Times Database:

S NI SEN Lap Times Submission Form

United States

West Northwest Region Northeast Region Southwest Region Southeast Region Japan The plan is for for the most popular tracks to be presented in order. If you want to see lap times for a different track, you can change using the tabs at the bottom of the page. Or use the list icon to see the entire list of tracks:


And here is the form you can use to submit your latest lap times:

S NI SEN Lap Times Submission Form


Obviously there are many lap times and tracks currently missing, some lap times may out of date, but there is more than enough data to show how the database would work to motivate people to submit and resubmit their best lap times. It is going to be up to the drivers to submit their best times and to make sure the current times are accurate. In the form I have included a number of data points to keep the database consistent, and basic classing system to make it easier to compare times at a glance.

Let me know what you guys think and let me know if there are any issues with the spreadsheet or form. I am sure there are some things I missed, but in it's current form I think this could be a very useful resource. Please submit your times and encourage everyone else to do the same! :tipwink:
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