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Brian's b-b-build thread!


Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:46 pm

I figured I'd copy over parts of my build thread and continue it here

As I am now moving onto my second s2000 and "starting over," I figured now is the perfect time to start a build thread to track my progress and changes.

MY05 New Formula Red

I wasn't planning on selling my AP1 because I had been thoroughly enjoying it, but a deal came up for the exact year and color s2000 I wanted. A 2005 car in New Formula Red with only a little over 56k miles. Being as I live near-ish to Seattle, I was going to get a hard top and it had one already. Everything original and no issues. Excellent interior. The worst part of the car was how many rock chips there were and the abundance of paint swirls, which I will eventually correct. I couldn't be more excited.

With this car, I wanted to keep it simple and avoid "over modding" or constantly changing things up. The priority was to keep learning about the car, becoming a better driver, and to have fun.


Here she is on the day I took her home, sitting next to her predecessor. The car came with a K&N FIPK, Forbidden-USA Mugen-style hard top, Megan Racing coilovers (will switch to previous set up), Skunk2 Megapower exhaust (also switching), and headrest speakers. All of these types of mods were what I was essentially going to do to the car anyway, so it was a huge bonus with the purchase.


The first thing I did upon bringing her home was installing my Moddiction Anvil Shift Knob. After the 70 mile drive home after purchasing the car with the OEM shift knob, I was reminded of how much I disliked it. Moddiction's shift knob is probably my favorite mod on the car. For such a small, interchangeable part, it makes such a big difference in how the shifting feels. I highly recommend the Anvil (I preferred the circular Anvil over the taller, oval shaped Anvil 2).


The next change I made was swapping my cleared AP2 headlights and clear CR side markers for the original ones the car came with. With the help of a couple buddies, I DIY'ed the headlight change with JS2K's clear diffusers. This was by far the worst modification I have ever done. It was a huge PITA. However, it was worth it in the end because it came out looking nice and I love the look.


As I was planning on running my previous wheel set up, I needed to roll my fenders to be able to fit them. I took the car to a local fellow s2000 owner (shoutout to Manga_Spawn!) and had him roll my fenders all around. The wheels are WedsSport TC105N. Fronts are 17x8+42, rears are 17x9+35. Wheels are wrapped in 245/40/17 and 255/40/17 Hankook RS3s.



After getting an alignment, the weather unexpectedly became very nice (it had been brutally raining for many days in a row) and I was able to enjoy a top down day.



The first key change I wanted to make to the car was to get an AP2 lip for the car. After previously dealing with a replica AP1 lip (too difficult to find OEM) on my Silverstone, it was an easy choice ordering new and OEM. Also installed my Modifry dash mount and phone bracket. Very convenient and handy.


I received and installed my OEM AP2 lip (purchased from Bell Honda dealership in Arizona. They have direct purchase links on eBay). As it came with all of the necessary hardware, including already attached weather stripping, the installation was pretty straight forward. Just for reassurance, I did find installation instructions online :cool:

The exhaust that the car came with was not my cup of tea. I previously knew that a company like Skunk2 made very loud exhausts, but I didn't quite know how loud. The Megapower exhaust on my car had the silencers on it and it was still too much for me. The drone was also irritating. On my silverstone, I had a UK mod (44 mm piping) stock exhaust combined with a 63 mm Berk test pipe. The sound of this set up was perfect so I swapped exhausts. The catalytic converter bolts on my NFR were pretty gross and had some substance stuck on it.



After some delays and removal of parts to revert to stock, I sold my silverstone to a local buyer. It was sad to see her go, but I had a lot of fun in my AP1 and learned a lot about the car.

Here is how my NFR sits now:


As for future plans, I'm still not really 100% sure, but I'll be continuing to keep track through this thread. Thanks for reading!

Current Modifications

OEM Berlina Black Hard Top
OEM Front Lip
Clear DC2 Sidemarkers
Cleared AP2 Headlights
Tamon-style FRP spoiler
Downforce 1x1 CF Side Diffusers

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust
APR Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate

Volk CE28N 17x10+45
Hankook Ventus RS-3, 255/40/17
Rays Engineering Anodized Bronze Lug Nuts
Buddy Club N+ Coilovers

Moddiction Anvil shift knob
Alpine Headunit
Custom Headrest Speakers
Subwoofer and AMP in trunk
Modifry Dash Bracket and Phone Mount
JS2K Keyhole Covers

Parts on standby
J's Racing CF Rear Diffuser
Berk 63.5mm Test Pipe
Downforce 1x1 CF Front Splitter for AP2 Lip
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Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:49 pm


When I purchased the car, I realized the paint was not in the best condition. It had swirls throughout the entire car, many rock chips throughout the front end, paint scratches, and dents. Many, many dents. It was obvious that the previous owner took the car into one of those automatic car washes. However, I knew most of this was correctable. PDR could do wonders and a detail would remove most of the paint defects.

This past weekend, I went forth with giving my car some TLC and did a detail by myself. This was the first time doing so, but I had watched a friend do the same on his berlina black and it looked like a whole new car afterward, so I replicated his process.

I don't know why, but I got too into the actual detailing and didn't take many pictures of the detail itself nor do I have many before and after pics. The results were like night and day though. The black portions on my forbidden hard top was riddled with swirls and those have been nearly completely removed.

The process I followed:

1. Hand wash the entire car after spraying car with soap via foam cannon.
2. Clay bar the entire car in conjunction with some product to use as clay lube (I used quick detailer)
3. Cut/compound the entire car using cut/compound product with a powered orbital tool.
4. Polish the entire car using polishing product with the powered orbital tool.
5. Hand apply sealant
6. Headlight restoration via a kit (I just use PlastX)
7. Clean and condition interior leather and miscellaneous interior/glass cleaning.

Here are some before and after pics and the finished product, but these iPhone pics don't do it justice. I am very happy with how the detail went and the condition of my paint now.




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Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:51 pm


I wasn't planning on purchasing a new exhaust, but after missing out on the Greddy SE V2, I couldn't pass up on this deal. Purchased and installed essentially a brand new Tanabe Medalion Touring exhaust. Coincidentally, I found the deal randomly and it came from the person that I sold my Silverstone to. Due to this, he gave me a deal I couldn't refuse.

This had been my second choice for an aftermarket exhaust after hearing it in person and reading many positive reviews on it. I was seeking an exhaust that was a little bit louder than my UK mod set up, but not over the top and drone filled. I also love the clean and simple look. My Silverstone came with an Invidia Q300 and I sold that in just a few weeks after I got the car. My NFR came with a Skunk2 Megapower exhaust and I got rid of that as soon as I could. The Tanabe is just the right noise level and tone for me.

I've only driven a little bit with the exhaust, both top up and top down, but I'm already very satisfied with the exhaust.

Came in the original box and packaging as if it was brand new




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Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:52 pm


Mount Baker 2016

It has been awhile since I updated. A few "big" decisions happened in the past month in regards to my direction with the car. I told myself I would keep the mods to a minimum and stick with one plan, but I am always flip flopping so that was pretty much moot from the start. I had planned on going for a full CR exterior conversion and I may still do that in the future, but most likely not. I now have a very clear plan on what I want to do with my car and that all began with the purchase of certain wheels.

The first couple of things I did:

- Sold my INGS+1 rear bumper
- Purchase an authentic J's Racing CF rear diffuser
- Paint and install my Tamon-style trunk spoiler

Fast forward to today. It was the PNWS2000's Third-Annual Mount Baker drive and meet. This was planned months in advance, like usual, but this year we experienced drastic weather changes. We knew ahead of time that it wouldn't be like the previous years (Beautiful, sunny 70+ degree top down weather), but we thought it would just be light rain. Turns out, somebody turned the weather dial way up. It was pouring, windy, and straight up cold. The top of the mountain, where we grouped up last year, was completely snowed off and sealed away so we even had to meet a little bit lower. Once up there, there was a blizzard and freezing temperatures. Somehow, we withstood the weather and got some photos. I guess none of us can say our cars have never been driven in the snow.

Many people voted to reschedule, including myself, but we ultimately decided to continue due to our Canadian neighbors in the north already making a commitment to participate as they usually do.

The drive was still great and turnout was fantastic. There were 41 total S2000s and many newcomers along with old faces. Mt. Baker has a very scenic drive, but it has a great route that leads to spirited and fun driving. Unfortunately, this year I decided not to take my GoPro with me and record any parts of the drive.




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Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:54 pm


Big exterior changes have happened in the last month and a half and I'm very excited about it. I really, really need proper photos.

To summarize:

- Bought 17x9+45 silver RPF1s for beater wheels
- Sold the RPF1s
- Sold my Forbidden rep Mugen Hard Top in NFR
- Purchased a Berlina Black OEM Hard top with all hardware
- FINALLY installed my authentic J's CF Rear Diffuser

I just need my side diffusers and CE28s to come in (won't be awhile :() and I'll be "finished" with the exterior of the car.

I'm really happy to get this OEM hard top because I've been wanting one for a long time now and this was an excellent deal. Now I'm debating paint matching.

I have also been trying to get away from replica parts and shoot for authenticity. The last piece is the Tamon spoiler. IMO, the authentic one is priced kinda ridiculously. If I replace my spoiler, I would most likely roll with an OEM CR Wing.

More pics to come hopefully...



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Nov 3rd, 2016, 5:57 pm



First off, I just wanted to state that I absolutely hate the S2KI changes.

Anyway, there have been a decent amount of changes, particularly due to my flip flopping on what to do. I even debated selling my car at one point because I felt lackluster with the S2000 and wanted a new car. I do still feel this way actually, but to a far lesser degree.

Since I last updated (July 25th), I made a few exterior changes. The first was to remove my J's Rear Diffuser. I liked it a lot when I saw it on other cars, but when I installed mine, I just wasn't feeling it that much. Maybe it's because I didn't complement it well with other exterior pieces or maybe it was because it was on an AP2 rear. Either way, it was a neat piece to have (still have it actually...for sale!), but not what I was looking for.

Next, I sold my WedsSport TC105N. Before I purchased these specs, I almost pulled the trigger on the same wheels except 17x9+49 in the rear. I regret not getting those because 17x9+35 with 255/40 is a difficult fit without running a ton of camber and pulling the fenders. I thought the concave look would outweigh the difficulty of fitting it, but I was wrong. The flat face of the +49 looks good anyway. With that said, I ended up trading these wheels for RPF1s plus cash. I'm still selling the RPF1s, but am possibly using them for winter wheels.

After that, I finally installed my Downforce 1x1 CF Side Diffusers. I bought these brand new as I have always liked the looks of them. Side diffusers, to me, make the car look a certain way. More "wholesome" and to the ground. Probably just my own perception of it, but oh well. I like them. I also have the Downforce 1x1 CF Front Splitter to pair with my OEM AP2 Lip. I figured I'd give the combo a shot and hopefully I don't break it. It hasn't been installed yet as I'm still figuring out ride height and making adjustments.



Finally, the reason I sold my TC105N.


I finally got my hands on my "end game" set of wheels. Volk CE28N in bronze, 17x10+45


It's funny because when I first bought my S2000, I told others I would probably never get CE28N because they didn't appeal to me that much. The more I saw them and saw the quality of the wheels, I grew to like them a lot and wanted them on my car. I previously put a deposit down for the 17x9.5+50 squared group buy. I was pretty set on this sizing and had already waited four months for them to come in. Then I saw that Evasive Motorsports got their shipment of 17x10+45 and they told me that they had one bronze set left. As I wasn't planning on running a BBK any time soon, I knew I had to go for the concave look. I called up Evasive and they shipped it out to me quickly in a few days. I combined the set with 255/40 Hankook RS3 all around and got new Rays Engineering anodized bronze lug nuts. My biggest issue with this set is that the flat bronze center caps are not compatible. I truly hate seeing the axle nut and the rust right in the center of my wheels.



Review of the wheels: Disclaimer: I have not tracked my car nor have I done any autox. I've driven on them for about 300 miles now and they feel so much better than my previous wheels. The car feels like there is so much grip and I'm planted to the ground. Conditions here in the Seattle area have been wet and wetter, but I have been driving just fine without any worries. I haven't had wheels as wide and meaty all around as these. Fitment wise, the rear is perfect. I'm running about -3.3 camber and my rear is not pulled. Standard roll. The fronts are where some difficulty lies. I am running about -2.3 camber and still rub a little. My fender liner is trimmed and I'm lowered to a little more than one finger gap. I'm planning on pulling my fenders just a little and adjusting my ride height a little. It should be all good after. Overall, I'm very happy with the wheels.



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Nov 3rd, 2016, 9:52 pm

Nice, I know when that Baker pic was taken! :D

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Nov 4th, 2016, 5:50 pm


Just, unf.

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